Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Why choose LAMP open source Platform for your Business?

In the advanced technologies, open-source is the common word these days. Today, everyone wants free technologies for web development. LAMP stands for Linux (Operating System)-Apache (Web Server)-MySQL (Relational Database Management System)-PHP (Object-Oriented Scripting Language). LAMP webdevelopment platform is gaining popularity over the last few years. It delivers out of the box benefits over the other platforms.

LAMP, it is highly flexible and reliable web application development platform. It offers the flexibility to build flawless web applications as per the customer choices. There are key benefits of LAMP programming: -
- It is an open source and anyone can use it without any license.
- It is easy to use and more secure as compare to others.
- Web applications are compatible with most of the web browsers.
- LAMP based web application easily developed and deployed.
- Linux architecture is robust and safe.

Main important thing is that LAMP based web applications are fully customized and cost effective. We “inoday” are comprehensively expertise in LAMP development and delivered many projects or web applications based on different industries like e-Commerce web applications, real state portals, educational website and non-profit organization portals.

We have years of experience in developing web applications with the help of robust open source technology. Our professional developers of LAMP technology is fully expertise in creating web apps. If you are interested for developing open source web applications then valuable customers can visit us at our official website.

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