Monday, 18 January 2016

Out of the Box - SharePoint 2016 features

"Out of the Box” mainly this word is used by product based companies to convey that their product offers many features. Typically, SharePoint is a platform for collaboration and managing enterprise content (data and information) related activities. In other words, you can say it is good decision-making tool. SharePoint becomes your organization more reliable and flexible with the ability of share and access information from a centralized system.

It means comes with full of features and latest enhancements. SharePoint Online, SharePoint in the Cloud and Social Computing are business intelligence stuff – all those are the game changers. It is nothing, just strategy for perfectly sharing the information. The latest version of SharePoint is 2016, if you are using previous then you can comfortably migrate your MS SharePoint with the newest version.

Key features of MS SharePoint 2016: -
- MS SharePoint 2016 will support only SharePoint 2013 database upgrade. Migration of the previous version you will have to go with third party organization.
- It provides authentication to entire data and information from unauthorized access.
- Durable links, in which you can give the reference link for sharing information.
- Faster site creation through template system.

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