Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Business Data Analytics in Cloud Computing

As maximum acceptance of cloud computing in the marketplace just because of changing the environment of technology day to day over the world. Mainly, it includes social media network, smart phones, laptops and desktop, etc. Our cloud computing services include Business Intelligence and Data Analytic: -

Business Intelligence (BI) – BI is a variety of tools, methods, procedures, processes and architectures that can help enterprises make good decisions in favor of organizations by analyzing their data. Business Intelligence is mainly designed for presenting the results of data analytics in the terms of understandable for laymen. In simple words, Business Intelligence is an application which includes Decision Support System (DSS), query and reporting, data management, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), forecasting and much more.

Data Analytics – It helps organizations for improving efficiency and effectiveness via data models and predictive analytics. Data Analytics used in many areas to empower the facility to make better decisions and verify or disprove existing data model or theory.

Reports and Dashboards – Organizations can make accurate report through intelligent, user friendly and attractive dashboard. Dashboard allows the feature of KPI (Key Performance of Indicator) with the help of KPI’s enterprises can check the performance of the employees. Dashboard provides the more flexibility to their employees and customers as well.

We are leading in the cloud computing services and having years of experience. Our professionals are fully expertise for developing cloud based services at effective costs and deliver projects within committed deadline. If you want to gets more information regarding Business Data Analytics in cloud computing – contact with us.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

E-Commerce Solutions for B2B and B2C Platforms

E-Commerce Industry is frenzy these days in the marketplace. Our experts plan, architect and manage the implementation of client’s e-business for providing real-time visibility or web presence. With the help of e-commerce website, anyone can increase their business growth, how to utilize resources and get maximum profits from them.

E-Commerce service is known for reliability, flexibility and high profitability, and is thereby extensively demanded in the current market. We offered e-commerce services and solutions as per the requirements of the business. There are mainly two kinds of web solution for e-commerce: -

- B2B: It is Business-to-Business E-Commerce; B2B model is used for doing business with other organization. It provides good user interface to their clients.
- B2C: It is Business-to-Customer E-Commerce; B2C website is mainly used by retailers and they provide ultimate shopping experience to their crucial customers.

Benefits of eCommerce solutions:

- Improved cash flow and turnover of the organization.
- Enhanced customer loyalty.
- Based on Omni-channels and easily access by the handheld devices.
- Reduced risk factor.
- Cloud based e-commerce solution gives 24*7 access.
- Boost brand awareness.
- Selling products across the world.
- Reduced the inventory management cost.
- More convenience and easiness.
provides good user interface to their clients.

According to the current survey, more than 55% of people are buying products or items online from the comfort of their home and this percentage is increasing day by day. If you want to build e-commerce website for B2B and B2C purpose, so we are always here for you. For getting more info visit us at our website.