Sunday, 18 October 2015

Why Choose PHP Language for Website Development?

Today, approximately 80% websites use server side PHP scripting language. It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is open source programming language mainly designed for web development. PHP is most popular scripting language which is used for enhancing appearance and functions of the website. It is also known for creating dynamic web pages.

Why PHP language is too popular as opposed to other languages like ASP.NET, Ruby, Java and others. There are few reasons behind the PHP scripting: -

- PHP is easy language: Nowadays, it is very popular among the web developers just because of easiness. It is easily understandable and script written in HTML code. As per the comparison with other complex languages, it is very organized, clean and simple language.

- It gives reliability and flexibility: Any website is developed with PHP language then it provides you the reliability and flexibility.

- It supports cross-platform: PHP supports and compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and others.

- Cost effective: It is cost effective scripting language to develop, design, customize, integrate and modify. Main thing is that PHP is open source software.

These reasons are clearly telling to customers, PHP is better or not. If it is suitable for you then you can go with PHP scripting language. “inoday” is well established organization that works with expert team. And we are proficient in Open source Web Development.