Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How to ward off NetSuite Implementation failure?

NetSuite Implementation, it is the process of how to implement the NetSuite system at customer’s end. There are many points that need to take place. You should always find a specialist of NetSuite Consultant. Here couple of ways to ward off NetSuite Implementation failure: -

1. Organization should always assign a qualified NetSuite Consultant: -

It is the first process of NetSuite implementation. Companies should always appoint a NetSuite specialist because they can appropriately implement the software at the customer end. But commonly, organizations assign wrong persons who are not qualified consultants. In that case, we should keep aware. For example, junior members are assigned to a project. This kind of issues creates problem that is junior members are able to work on the project but not handle the entire project due to lack understanding of enterprises strategic operation and goals.

2. During the NetSuite Implementation doesn't change everything in your organization: -

One of the most common mistakes is that organizations change everything in their organization, but this is the major reason of NetSuite Implementation failure. Whenever you have to implement NetSuite in your premises then don’t change everything. Little bit changes you can do but not everything.

3. Don’t replicate your older system: -

After the successful implementation of NetSuite, most of the users are using their legacy system because the organization is comprehensively based on old system’s functionality. If enterprises want to more improvement and growth then you will have to move from your legacy system.

NetSuite Implementation is an awesome process for improving the quality and productivity for the business growth. But the condition is that customer always keeps in mind couple of points. Due to these steps you and can conveniently successfully implement NetSuite software and avoid failures as well.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Windows Mobile Applications are More Convenient to Access

Some mobile application users want to use application which runs on Android, iOS and Windows as well. Cross-platform with the help of this technology user can build apps for the different operating system. There are two tools available which are mainly popular for cross-platform applications: - Xamarin and PhoneGap. Both provide one development environment that can handle the all three platforms. If you don’t want to go with cross-platform technology then customers can build their app by Native technology and use application for the single platform.

Today, the most popular platforms are Android and iOS, but apart from these platforms another operating system (like Windows) is striving to establish in the current market. Microsoft has made efforts in developing Windows applications. Microsoft Windows Operating System is exceptional as compared to others due to its functionalities and features. But nowadays, people want to go with Windows application smart phones.

There are many reasons: -

 -Endorsement via messaging
- Internet applications, Navigation and GPS Apps
- Communication and System Apps
- Mobile social networking
- Utilities Application Development
- Multimedia Access Development Application on Windows platform
- Bulk messaging via SMS Gateway

Windows application makes your business easier and faster. Here some features which are attracting businessman for using Windows App: -

File Management: - Windows application has an amazing feature to ease file management. Anyone can conveniently manage their files with securely. It is very helpful for students, professionals, etc.

Awesome Graphical User Interface: - Graphical User Interface (GUI) is really good because anyone can easily and comfortably interact with the applications.

BitLocker: - Another feature is BitLocker; it provides data and information protection from unauthorized access and malicious users by encrypting all essential data which is stored on Windows Operating System.

There are various reputed organizations are available in the current market and they offering windows application services. But we “inoday” provide end to end mobility solutions for Windows application. It is most popular company for developing effective and unique applications for windows smart phones.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

How to boost SharePoint User Adoption?

Before convincing to anyone, you must know about SharePoint. SharePoint is nothing. It is superb software or an application for managing and organizing enterprise files and folders. Apart from these, it is a more secure platform as compared to others. But you will have to aware all those organizations which are providing low SharePoint services.

In other words, SharePoint means collaboration, search, portals, content management, applications and many more. SharePoint is not cheap, and if your business owner wants to see Return on Investment (ROI). Right now, you have to invest in the advance technology. So, it really brings you versatile benefits to your organization. Now, have faith on this technology; with a couple of steps in the right direction your enterprise will be fly on the sky.

Adoption program for SharePoint Users: -

- SharePoint Adoption Program  to excite and inspire users that how it is beneficial in daily business activities. With SharePoint, you can manage your document, sharing files and folders, managed metadata, web content management, awesome user interface and many more.

- Have to clear the difference between current and SharePoint Scenario’s. Ask the end users about their pain points (responsibilities) with existing technology like answer emails, boring meetings, planning, training, etc. But now after the adopting SharePoint, the end user can get relief from pain point activities because SharePoint managing all the business operations.

- Comprehensive knowledge of SharePoint, suppose you are leading your business activities then you should have sound knowledge in SharePoint otherwise you will not properly use this ultimate technology.

- SharePoint brings a variety of tools for measuring how much employees are engaged. You can figure out all these activities and uniformly given tasks. Due to this business operations will execute in a proper manner.

- Through marketing, you can promote the benefits of SharePoint. Build some excitement things around the platform. Pass on the message that SharePoint will make activities or tasks easier, better and faster for business operations; then you will be surprised how it is effective.

SharePoint adoption purely helps to minimize risks and maximize the enterprise profit. SharePoint is a method which builds a modest project management system, set up help desk solutions, design a scheduling system and more. For all afore reasons you should embrace SharePoint technology. For getting more info, you can visit us at our official website.  inoday.com

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development is beneficial for Business?

Today’s era for smart phone users, everybody has the fever of Mobile Apps. Applications are easy to install, easy to usable and users–friendly. Nowadays, everyone is using mobile apps for many purposes like playing games, weather updates, social media websites, getting route & direction, etc.

The demand of smart phones rising day by day, businesses are developing mobile applications to attract target audiences. This kind of development business can be small and medium size. With the help of attracting Mobile Apps, you can easily keep an engaged to their customers.

, it is one of the best platforms in which your mobile applications run over the all operating system such as Android, iOS and Windows. There are many frameworks are available for cross - platform mobile apps such as PhoneGap, Sencha, Convertigo, etc.

Apart from these, today Xamarin Cross Platform is unique and latest technology in the current market. Cross-Platform works on the write once and run anywhere. There is only one reason to adopt Xamarin platform because it provides you fastest speed in effective cost.

Cross-Platform Apps has the ability to pull up your business or enterprise: -

- Business application available on any kind of operating system smart phones.
- You can access up to date information of the app anytime, anywhere.
- Enterprise collaboration and enhanced productivity.
- Boost business performance and operational efficiency as well.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for Business: -

1) Deploy Everywhere – It means greater reach due to the cross platform in which app support all latest operating system so everyone can conveniently access the application from their smart phone.

2) Reliable look and feel – Overall design and user interface of a mobile application is awesome and easily runs on different operating systems.

3) Minimize Development Cost – Xamarin is a platform which gives you mobile apps in effective price. It is easy to maintain because developed one application and runs on many platforms. If in any case you want to upgrade your mobile application then you can easily upgrade your app in lesser cost.

4) Easy Marketing – Suppose you have a lot of fans then you can comfortably marketing their products or items. With the help Xamarin, all smart phone users can access the application.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Migration steps-Old version SharePoint to New version SharePoint

Nowadays, the frenzy of latest version SharePoint 2013 among organizations or users because of its amazing capabilities and advanced features. When you migrate SharePoint 2010 to 2013 then you get the complete experience in all new version migration of SharePoint with latest updates and advancements.

Some of the amazing elements to consider during the upgradation process are farm settings, content databases, services application currently in use and customized applications. SharePoint 2013 wrapped with numerous of features which are not beneficial for developers only but SharePoint users as well.

Versatile features are: - 

Improving Content Management in SharePoint 2013.
- Boosted social collaboration with the focus on social experience & better user interface as compared to the previous version.
- Extended mobile accessibility and can be handled by laptops, computer systems, etc.
- Improvement in web hosting features for a public website for improved brand management.
- After latest version SharePoint ease life of users as well as developers.
- Minimize the risk of data loss and unauthorized access as well.
- Accessing document online & offline – It is the major improvement in the new version that is users can access any document if they are online or offline.
- Sharing feature is more improved in SharePoint fast and ease to share is possible.

We have to follow couple of steps for migration: -

Create SharePoint 2013 Farm -

Before the actual upgradation, user will have to clear idea of all farm solutions which are installed in your current server. If any feature is missing at the time of migration then can lose your data. For that convenience, check Sandbox solution if this option is given in your farm.
- User should know about which web applications will be migrated. Take note for authentication methods: Any web application still in Classic Mode will need to be migrated to claims on SharePoint latest version 2013. 

Create a backup of complete database 

 It means user has to create a backup to all entire databases for future reference. Procedure of backup: - Firstly open the Backup Database and then click on the General Button. And check on the Copy-only Backup box. After that, you can comfortably restore your backup in the new version.     

Attach & upgrade the content DB (database) 

 Steps of database attachment: - 

Right click on the Databases & then select Attach. After that locate the database file and click on OK button to attach it.

Upgrade the site collection – 

In the website, click on Site Actions > Site Settings. Click on the Site Collection Upgrade button and then click OK for final takeoff.

We “inoday ” have an exhaustive solution for SharePoint users. For getting more information visit us at the official website. 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Microsoft Dynamic NAV for Android-Modern interface design for touch

This is the latest Microsoft application is the type of enterprise targeted or you can say it’s an enterprise resource planning application that businesses use to manage operations, finances and other work stuff. Customers can grow their business with just Microsoft Dynamics Navision Android Application.  

Dynamics NAV provides business solution, this software is easy to install and easy to use. It is very fresh and has modern user interface. It is the advanced technique to access business data and information with the help of Android Apps. It is the perfect and smart solution for: -
. Sales Field Engineer
. Service Engineer
. Decision makers, etc.

Also, helpful for all those executives who want to access Dynamics NAV from touch enabled mobile device. Gets visibility into every angle of your business using the Role Center. Tap to drill into details about your customers, vendors, inventory, or any other data from Dynamics NAV. Quickly create invoices and quotes, and email them with just a few taps.

Requires access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.
Requires Android 4.4.3 or later.
Your experience will vary depending on the Dynamics NAV server that you are connected to.

Features of Dynamics NAV for Android: -

1) Get an overview of your business in the Role Center – Role Center means provides an overview of the complete business process.
2) Tap and swipe to get to your data and drill down into details - For this you can get all information about your customers, vendors, inventory and other related information.
3) Search across all columns in a list – In which you can easily search anything from the columns list.
4) Send lists to Microsoft Excel or Office 365 – This App provides the facility to send or receive any kind of document files.
5) Rotate your device – If you are rotating your device it means focus on something.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

NetSuite - How does it helpful in key business process?

Netsuite software is mainly used for business purposes like electronic commerce, inventory management, order management and fulfillment, financial activities, employee management and productivity and many more. With the help of this amazing utility you can easily get your business information from anytime and anywhere on cloud or online.

Assuming that you started your business but you are facing some problems like:

- Your valuable data is not safe
- More paperwork
- Mismatch facts and figures
- Problems to handling customers
- Occurs a lot of errors, etc.

In all afore cases you have to use Netsuite software because these tools has abilities to take care of all these issues. How it is helpful in business process?
Many benefits in single pack – Using Netsuite software you can conveniently rectify your inconsistent data. Apart of these, it also helps in many departments such as finance, sales, purchasing, and employee management in affordable cost.

Access from anywhere – It means if you have internet connection then you can access business information from anywhere around the World Wide Web through this users can save their time and money as well.

No requirement of software and hardware – If you want to use Netsuite software then you will not require any kind of software or hardware. You have to just install only Netsuite nothing else.

Easier your business – It is easily handling your business activities because of automated. Approximately 90% of your business work is covered by Netsuite software.

Netsuite mainly built for developing organizations. Nowadays, Netsuite is mostly used by every company. If you want to use Netsuite software services in fair price then you can visit our website.