Thursday, 20 August 2015

Why to make your Business Website Mobile Friendly

Your website is the first impression to your organizations. Every day a huge number of visits your official your official site and choose to make purchases.

Nowdays , people are moving from desktops to mobile devices for games, for information, purchases, getting directions and even for work. By end of the year, the number of people who will access the internet through mobile devices will be more than those browsing from desktops.

Mobile Compatibility does not mean that your website loads on mobile. It refers to getting your website built especially for the mobile device. Why is this important? Let us explore further:

Use of mobile is increasing at an exponential rate and ease in surfing will render higher conversions.
You can easily navigate on a mobile friendly website. It will not appear condensed, cluttered, unreadable and jumbled on the mobile device. With a poor designed website you can lose your customers and revenues.

Life is lived on the fast lane today. Customers need information fast if they didn’t get, they can move to other websites also.Mobile friendly websites will help customers (scattered traffic audience) to search for you easily --- easy navigation, Faster downloads. Mobile graphic design, SEO friendly website, integrating plug-ins --- all this and more should be incorporated for an accessible mobile website of your organization. Mobile marketability brings in more new and repeat visitors to your mobile friendly website.

A good mobile friendly website will be exposed to the entire global population and will make for a pleasurable experience. You can get a higher ranking as far as search engine results are concerned because too many local searches are carried out by people. Integrate with social media platforms such as Face book, Twitter, and YouTube.

Why you need a Mobile Website:

Websites which are not designed for mobile phone will not work properly when downloaded on the mobile platform. They will load slowly and will not leave behind precisely the right kind of user experience you intend to give to your esteemed customers. Lack of knowledge about your services or information about your business organization will make customers wary of your website, not aid in building your brand value. Hence it is essential to optimize your website for mobile viewing for a positive impact on others. 

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