Thursday, 13 August 2015

What’s New in Share Point 2016

Microsoft has announced the next version of SharePoint, to be called SharePoint server 2016.A numbers of details were announced for SharePoint 2016. SharePoint 2013 contains many features like social networking, content management, collaboration, among other bells and whistles, the new SharePoint 2016 integrate many new features now being rolled out on office 365.

Here are some of key highlights and interesting features that were announced at various sessions.

SharePoint 2016

Easier Hybrid setup:

There are number of new features in SharePoint 2016 to enable hybrid scenario and to provide more seamless experience to users who have mixed environment who are looking to take advantage of some of the cloud based offerings in Office 365 while still keeping SharePoint running on premise for some workloads. A new hybrid configuration wizard replaces complex Power Shell scripts with a wizard experience for common scenario.

Hybrid Search:

Searching SharePoint gets easier with results shown from cloud and on-premises farms, no matter where you search from.

Hybrid profiles:

A single profile experience so your followed documents are shared between your on-premises farms and the cloud.

Platform resiliency:

A new endpoint running on the web servers that creates an affinity between web servers and load balancers to maintain consistent connections.

Link Durability:

Links that are shared to documents on SharePoint 2016 can still work even if the filename is changed or if it moves to a different site collection.


Expect tighter integration, and better rendering on PDAs including iOS and Android devices.

Inline Social:

Enables user to have conversations right inside their documents.

Video Portal:

Allows users to upload, store, stream and discover videos securely.


 Better integration with the micro-blogging platform, with new capabilities.

New Migration utility schemes:

An automated migration script will move office files from SharePoint 2013 directly to SharePoint 2016.

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