Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What you should choose – Native or Cross Platform application?

Are you planning to build an App or still confused about which one to choose between Native and cross platform applications .Here I am going to describe some points that will help you in choosing right application.

The first stage of getting an APP developed is mere inception of the idea that you and your business require an App. After this next step is to make a decision on the type of an app you are looking for? Here are your options:

1)      Native applications
2)      Cross-platform applications

A Native App is an application developed for one specific Mobile device furthermore is installed directly onto the device itself. To use the Native applications, users have to download them from app store, Google play store and many others. Native app can be accessed on the phone using the icons present in the home screen. They are developed particularly for one platform can make use of all features present in the device. These apps can also work offline.

On the other hand cross-platform apps are coded using HTML/CSS and java script and is used and compiled for multiple platforms. These app developed using cross-platform tools and run through multiple mobile devices.

Comparison between native and cross-platform apps

1)      Native apps provide more responsive UI especially when it comes to animations.
2)      Native apps run smoothly on all mobile devices and cross platform runs a bit slower.
3)      Native apps provide complete functionality and cross-platform restricted in functionality.
4)      Apps developed via Native tools are always welcomed by the app stores like Apple which is not the scenario in case of cross platform apps.
5)      The cost of Native app is huge.
6)      In case of Cross platform apps the financial investment is very low. Cross platform apps are very economical for small businesses.
7)      Experts mostly like Native app coding because they can easily get solutions in different forums.
8)      8 .Native apps are more secure when compared to Cross platform apps
9)      9. In case of a cross platform framework, they do not support all the features of an OS. Developers need to wait for the update
10) In case of Hybrid apps the codes are reusable. They need to right the code for once and then           reuse it in other projects too.
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