Thursday, 27 August 2015

Top 5 CMS Website platforms for small business

CMS stands for content management systems and it allows us to manage and control content within website. It’s very easy system and we can easily add, delete or edit text and images within site and provide unlimited number of pages.

A CMS allows you to manage your website, if you don’t have any technical, html or web design knowledge. If you have little knowledge of Microsoft word, you can easily navigate your website.

1. Wordpress

It’s a well- known CMS because of its host and self hosted option, Wordpress is free and open source so we can install it on our own host with no issues. It’s more popular as a blogging platform and extra plug-in add extra features to your website.
There’s no need of knowledge of HTML programming, you can add, delete or modify from anywhere.

2. Concrete 5

If you have a website with heavy content and lots of static pages and need to add content frequently on website then best option is Concrete 5. It’s free and open source, its best if you’re aiming for a simple CMS that enables you to edit content easily and tweak a bit of the design.

3. Joomla

Joomla website don’t look alike, a user can customize everything. Joomla is powerful because you can do almost anything with e-commerce site but then there’s are many setting and tweaking involved to get it running; hence, if your site is more than a blog that has major text content and a YouTube video, Joomla works best.

4. Drupal

Not so different from Joomla, but Drupal is secure and more flexible. It is also open source and comes with plugins while joomla has a lot paid plugins.

5. Textpattern:

A CMS that’s a cross between Concrete 5 and Drupal, it’s easy to install and use but requires many tools for customization and tweaking. If you wish to install it and add content, that can be done but if you need to create your own design or tweak, you can do so too. If you want to create your own design and you have an idea of how to code your pages then Textpattern would be ideal as it exposes the code for pages while making CMS easy to use.

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