Sunday, 23 August 2015

Key Areas to improve file shares to SharePoint Migration

Do you want to move from old file shares to better solution, which happens to a SharePoint? Here I am going to describe some key points you need to think about when you migrate file shares to SharePoint, either on -prem or online. It will help you to do more analysis before migrating.

Only migrate what you need:

A migration is very good in terms of having a close look at your content and only migrating what you really need. Some content may be duplicated, not valid and still more is achieved or deposed of.
Give a little time to let people to investigate the content they are responsible for and you will draw dividends by doing so. The migrated SharePoint environment will have current, non duplicate content and people will be able to find the right information and they would not be using the out of date information.

What will your new site structure look like?

Look at how your structure your content in SharePoint. SharePoint uses site collections, sites, lists and libraries to provide a hierarchy and your migration plan must contain which content goes to which site and library.

It is likely your file shares are already stored in a hierarchy of folders and this can be used as the basis for your information architecture. However try not to use folders inside libraries- folders have one big disadvantage: a document can only be in one folder.

It’s not an easy task to move documents from one folder to another, so document tagging is a much better solution for document classifications. Users can assign one or more tags to documents.

. Content Types and Meta Data:

SharePoint uses content types to classify documents. Each Content type represents similar documents, like contracts, technical documents and so on. Individual documents have metadata as well - there are metadata values that are common for each document, like author, creation date, title, etc. Each content type can have unique metadata values too - for instance a customer document has metadata specifying customer information.

Take advantage of SharePoint Features:

Traditional file shares don’t have many fancy features- they are just a place to store documents. SharePoint has a lot of many new features.

1. SharePoint has a very powerful search engine. It works according to your organization needs and allow it to reach its full potential.

2. A lot of management documentation is stored in Excel sheets. Excel Services allows users to let SharePoint render the Excel workbooks, build reports based on the data inside, and combine multiple documents

 3. When making use of Office 365 in a cloud-only or hybrid implementation, have a look at Office Delve. It’s a new way of looking at document management. Instead of a predefined site structure, Delve shows documents based on user’s activity.

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