Thursday, 2 April 2015

Microsoft Dynamic NAV for Manufacturing Industries

During manufacturing products, all manufacturers face the challenge of reducing cost of products. There are lots of consumer’s items that have to be manufacture and assemble the different parts. When we start to make or assemble products, we need to increase the quality of products while reducing the cost. Manufacturer has to make a balance between quality and cost of products. In such a situation you need to employ a robust ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system. Microsoft Dynamic NAV gives better tools to manage manufacturing process    .It act as a great help for manufacturing industries.
Why use Dynamics NAV Manufacturing Software?
  • Dynamic NAV provides streamline process that automating manufacturing processes and you can get better visibility into all aspect of operations like order entry to production, warehouse management, and delivery.
  • Dynamic NAV provides the opportunity to increase accuracy of promised orders and you can quickly respond to customer’s queries about order status and delivery.
  • Dynamics provides owner access critical data in real time so that can manage their production activities.
  • Dynamic NAV enable to respond quickly to changing customer demands with agile manufacturing. Easily handle last minute changes to your manufacturing process with multiple planning options.
  • Navision offers warehouse management functionality that help in handling any low or high volume of demand.
  • Dynamic NAV implementation is very helpful in enhancing data sharing capabilities of the companies.
  • Analyze sales pattern from multiple perspectives.
  • Make it easy to find, use and share information with vendors and suppliers.
  • Gain better insight & understanding of your business with information at your fingertips.
An organization can boost their operational efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Manufacturing module; it also helps in manage order, supply and requirement management and bills of material etc. Manufacturing Module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is very beneficial for all size of organizations but the growing organizations are making the most profit from it. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps the manufacturers to increase the visibility and productivity which helps the organization in getting more profit, higher margin and more business growth.

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