Monday, 30 March 2015

SharePoint 2013 Designer

SharePoint is used by the organizations while creating a website which is very secure where you can store, share and access the information.
In SharePoint 2013 you are using Managed Navigation instead of Structured Navigation which was used previously in SharePoint 2010. Managed Navigation is more flexible and user friendly than the SharePoint 2010. In 2013 version you can find an Edit button which is there with Global Navigation and Current Navigation, this edit button helps you in add, remove and edit Navigation from anywhere without visiting the Navigation page of the website.
SharePoint 2013 provides a composed look of the website, where you have the right to give the Name of the product, set the background color, change the background images and even you can set the your favorite font and its size, which will give your website an excellent look and feel.
Web content management is improved remarkably in latest version of SharePoint such as:
  • In 2013, the content search webs used are HTML and Java script, previously XSLT was used.
  • In 2013 you can create a catalog of product without creating pages for every product.
  • Now you can copy the content of Word file and paste that content directly on the text editor web page. The website owner and the designer can customize the Navigation menu by just Drag and Drop menu directly on the page.
  • When you upload any videos on latest version of SharePoint a thumbnail preview images are created automatically, this feature gives your website a better look.
  • SharePoint come up with Image renditions where you can all size images on different pages and in different frames.
SharePoint 2013 made very easy to create and edit the master pages. You can use much needed fully integrated LOOPS to support workflow of SharePoint 2013.
A new feature called Task action is added where you can assign a task and to know what work to start. SharePoint Designer plays very important role in development of SharePoint website.
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