Sunday, 27 December 2015

E-Commerce Helping You Boost Your Revenue Online

E-Commerce, it is the type of business model where you can sell your products and services over the internet. E-Commerce has provided organization to establish the market presence or to enhance the existing market position by providing more competitive (or cheaper) price and efficient distribution chain of their products and services.

The major benefits of e-commerce are: -

- Convenience: It provides the full on capabilities to their valuable customer that is 24*7*365. You can purchase your goods or services as per your convenience.
- Selection: Online stores provide the wider range of products and you can choose product as per your choice.

Doesn’t matter…..whether your business model is B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), or both, our e-commerce solution delivers to market, merchandise and sell your items across the digital channel such as mobile, online and social media as well. If you have own your online retail stores then you have to take care of one thing that is CaaS (Commerce-as-a-Service).

Firstly, you have to know about “Commerce-as-a-Service”, don’t want to hire any IT team for handling online store. CaaS – Commerce-as-a-Service manages back office tasks, IT aspects and infrastructure of running in e-commerce business. Through, this you can easily and comfortably sell your products and focus on growing your brands.

Why you need e-commerce integration? There is one reason to integrate e-commerce platform with third party applications. Integration delivers more reliability and flexibility to our valuable consumers. If you want to grow your business then you can customize your ecommerce platform as per business requirements.

If you are interested in e-commerce services solutions such as development, integration, customization and many more. We are fully proficient in all afore services. For getting more info you can talk with us.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Business Data Analytics in Cloud Computing

As maximum acceptance of cloud computing in the marketplace just because of changing the environment of technology day to day over the world. Mainly, it includes social media network, smart phones, laptops and desktop, etc. Our cloud computing services include Business Intelligence and Data Analytic: -

Business Intelligence (BI) – BI is a variety of tools, methods, procedures, processes and architectures that can help enterprises make good decisions in favor of organizations by analyzing their data. Business Intelligence is mainly designed for presenting the results of data analytics in the terms of understandable for laymen. In simple words, Business Intelligence is an application which includes Decision Support System (DSS), query and reporting, data management, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), forecasting and much more.

Data Analytics – It helps organizations for improving efficiency and effectiveness via data models and predictive analytics. Data Analytics used in many areas to empower the facility to make better decisions and verify or disprove existing data model or theory.

Reports and Dashboards – Organizations can make accurate report through intelligent, user friendly and attractive dashboard. Dashboard allows the feature of KPI (Key Performance of Indicator) with the help of KPI’s enterprises can check the performance of the employees. Dashboard provides the more flexibility to their employees and customers as well.

We are leading in the cloud computing services and having years of experience. Our professionals are fully expertise for developing cloud based services at effective costs and deliver projects within committed deadline. If you want to gets more information regarding Business Data Analytics in cloud computing – contact with us.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

E-Commerce Solutions for B2B and B2C Platforms

E-Commerce Industry is frenzy these days in the marketplace. Our experts plan, architect and manage the implementation of client’s e-business for providing real-time visibility or web presence. With the help of e-commerce website, anyone can increase their business growth, how to utilize resources and get maximum profits from them.

E-Commerce service is known for reliability, flexibility and high profitability, and is thereby extensively demanded in the current market. We offered e-commerce services and solutions as per the requirements of the business. There are mainly two kinds of web solution for e-commerce: -

- B2B: It is Business-to-Business E-Commerce; B2B model is used for doing business with other organization. It provides good user interface to their clients.
- B2C: It is Business-to-Customer E-Commerce; B2C website is mainly used by retailers and they provide ultimate shopping experience to their crucial customers.

Benefits of eCommerce solutions:

- Improved cash flow and turnover of the organization.
- Enhanced customer loyalty.
- Based on Omni-channels and easily access by the handheld devices.
- Reduced risk factor.
- Cloud based e-commerce solution gives 24*7 access.
- Boost brand awareness.
- Selling products across the world.
- Reduced the inventory management cost.
- More convenience and easiness.
provides good user interface to their clients.

According to the current survey, more than 55% of people are buying products or items online from the comfort of their home and this percentage is increasing day by day. If you want to build e-commerce website for B2B and B2C purpose, so we are always here for you. For getting more info visit us at our website.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Why Choose PHP Language for Website Development?

Today, approximately 80% websites use server side PHP scripting language. It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is open source programming language mainly designed for web development. PHP is most popular scripting language which is used for enhancing appearance and functions of the website. It is also known for creating dynamic web pages.

Why PHP language is too popular as opposed to other languages like ASP.NET, Ruby, Java and others. There are few reasons behind the PHP scripting: -

- PHP is easy language: Nowadays, it is very popular among the web developers just because of easiness. It is easily understandable and script written in HTML code. As per the comparison with other complex languages, it is very organized, clean and simple language.

- It gives reliability and flexibility: Any website is developed with PHP language then it provides you the reliability and flexibility.

- It supports cross-platform: PHP supports and compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and others.

- Cost effective: It is cost effective scripting language to develop, design, customize, integrate and modify. Main thing is that PHP is open source software.

These reasons are clearly telling to customers, PHP is better or not. If it is suitable for you then you can go with PHP scripting language. “inoday” is well established organization that works with expert team. And we are proficient in Open source Web Development.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How to ward off NetSuite Implementation failure?

NetSuite Implementation, it is the process of how to implement the NetSuite system at customer’s end. There are many points that need to take place. You should always find a specialist of NetSuite Consultant. Here couple of ways to ward off NetSuite Implementation failure: -

1. Organization should always assign a qualified NetSuite Consultant: -

It is the first process of NetSuite implementation. Companies should always appoint a NetSuite specialist because they can appropriately implement the software at the customer end. But commonly, organizations assign wrong persons who are not qualified consultants. In that case, we should keep aware. For example, junior members are assigned to a project. This kind of issues creates problem that is junior members are able to work on the project but not handle the entire project due to lack understanding of enterprises strategic operation and goals.

2. During the NetSuite Implementation doesn't change everything in your organization: -

One of the most common mistakes is that organizations change everything in their organization, but this is the major reason of NetSuite Implementation failure. Whenever you have to implement NetSuite in your premises then don’t change everything. Little bit changes you can do but not everything.

3. Don’t replicate your older system: -

After the successful implementation of NetSuite, most of the users are using their legacy system because the organization is comprehensively based on old system’s functionality. If enterprises want to more improvement and growth then you will have to move from your legacy system.

NetSuite Implementation is an awesome process for improving the quality and productivity for the business growth. But the condition is that customer always keeps in mind couple of points. Due to these steps you and can conveniently successfully implement NetSuite software and avoid failures as well.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Windows Mobile Applications are More Convenient to Access

Some mobile application users want to use application which runs on Android, iOS and Windows as well. Cross-platform with the help of this technology user can build apps for the different operating system. There are two tools available which are mainly popular for cross-platform applications: - Xamarin and PhoneGap. Both provide one development environment that can handle the all three platforms. If you don’t want to go with cross-platform technology then customers can build their app by Native technology and use application for the single platform.

Today, the most popular platforms are Android and iOS, but apart from these platforms another operating system (like Windows) is striving to establish in the current market. Microsoft has made efforts in developing Windows applications. Microsoft Windows Operating System is exceptional as compared to others due to its functionalities and features. But nowadays, people want to go with Windows application smart phones.

There are many reasons: -

 -Endorsement via messaging
- Internet applications, Navigation and GPS Apps
- Communication and System Apps
- Mobile social networking
- Utilities Application Development
- Multimedia Access Development Application on Windows platform
- Bulk messaging via SMS Gateway

Windows application makes your business easier and faster. Here some features which are attracting businessman for using Windows App: -

File Management: - Windows application has an amazing feature to ease file management. Anyone can conveniently manage their files with securely. It is very helpful for students, professionals, etc.

Awesome Graphical User Interface: - Graphical User Interface (GUI) is really good because anyone can easily and comfortably interact with the applications.

BitLocker: - Another feature is BitLocker; it provides data and information protection from unauthorized access and malicious users by encrypting all essential data which is stored on Windows Operating System.

There are various reputed organizations are available in the current market and they offering windows application services. But we “inoday” provide end to end mobility solutions for Windows application. It is most popular company for developing effective and unique applications for windows smart phones.

Please feel free to contact inoday, a Leading windows app development Company, with any queries.

Friday, 18 September 2015

How to boost SharePoint User Adoption?

Before convincing to anyone, you must know about SharePoint. SharePoint is nothing. It is superb software or an application for managing and organizing enterprise files and folders. Apart from these, it is a more secure platform as compared to others. But you will have to aware all those organizations which are providing low SharePoint services.

In other words, SharePoint means collaboration, search, portals, content management, applications and many more. SharePoint is not cheap, and if your business owner wants to see Return on Investment (ROI). Right now, you have to invest in the advance technology. So, it really brings you versatile benefits to your organization. Now, have faith on this technology; with a couple of steps in the right direction your enterprise will be fly on the sky.

Adoption program for SharePoint Users: -

- SharePoint Adoption Program  to excite and inspire users that how it is beneficial in daily business activities. With SharePoint, you can manage your document, sharing files and folders, managed metadata, web content management, awesome user interface and many more.

- Have to clear the difference between current and SharePoint Scenario’s. Ask the end users about their pain points (responsibilities) with existing technology like answer emails, boring meetings, planning, training, etc. But now after the adopting SharePoint, the end user can get relief from pain point activities because SharePoint managing all the business operations.

- Comprehensive knowledge of SharePoint, suppose you are leading your business activities then you should have sound knowledge in SharePoint otherwise you will not properly use this ultimate technology.

- SharePoint brings a variety of tools for measuring how much employees are engaged. You can figure out all these activities and uniformly given tasks. Due to this business operations will execute in a proper manner.

- Through marketing, you can promote the benefits of SharePoint. Build some excitement things around the platform. Pass on the message that SharePoint will make activities or tasks easier, better and faster for business operations; then you will be surprised how it is effective.

SharePoint adoption purely helps to minimize risks and maximize the enterprise profit. SharePoint is a method which builds a modest project management system, set up help desk solutions, design a scheduling system and more. For all afore reasons you should embrace SharePoint technology. For getting more info, you can visit us at our official website.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development is beneficial for Business?

Today’s era for smart phone users, everybody has the fever of Mobile Apps. Applications are easy to install, easy to usable and users–friendly. Nowadays, everyone is using mobile apps for many purposes like playing games, weather updates, social media websites, getting route & direction, etc.

The demand of smart phones rising day by day, businesses are developing mobile applications to attract target audiences. This kind of development business can be small and medium size. With the help of attracting Mobile Apps, you can easily keep an engaged to their customers.

, it is one of the best platforms in which your mobile applications run over the all operating system such as Android, iOS and Windows. There are many frameworks are available for cross - platform mobile apps such as PhoneGap, Sencha, Convertigo, etc.

Apart from these, today Xamarin Cross Platform is unique and latest technology in the current market. Cross-Platform works on the write once and run anywhere. There is only one reason to adopt Xamarin platform because it provides you fastest speed in effective cost.

Cross-Platform Apps has the ability to pull up your business or enterprise: -

- Business application available on any kind of operating system smart phones.
- You can access up to date information of the app anytime, anywhere.
- Enterprise collaboration and enhanced productivity.
- Boost business performance and operational efficiency as well.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for Business: -

1) Deploy Everywhere – It means greater reach due to the cross platform in which app support all latest operating system so everyone can conveniently access the application from their smart phone.

2) Reliable look and feel – Overall design and user interface of a mobile application is awesome and easily runs on different operating systems.

3) Minimize Development Cost – Xamarin is a platform which gives you mobile apps in effective price. It is easy to maintain because developed one application and runs on many platforms. If in any case you want to upgrade your mobile application then you can easily upgrade your app in lesser cost.

4) Easy Marketing – Suppose you have a lot of fans then you can comfortably marketing their products or items. With the help Xamarin, all smart phone users can access the application.

inoday” is one of the most leading organizations in development of Cross-Platform mobile applications and Native as well. We provide end-to-end solution to our valuable customers. For getting more information about this you can visit us at our official website. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Migration steps-Old version SharePoint to New version SharePoint

Nowadays, the frenzy of latest version SharePoint 2013 among organizations or users because of its amazing capabilities and advanced features. When you migrate SharePoint 2010 to 2013 then you get the complete experience in all new version migration of SharePoint with latest updates and advancements.

Some of the amazing elements to consider during the upgradation process are farm settings, content databases, services application currently in use and customized applications. SharePoint 2013 wrapped with numerous of features which are not beneficial for developers only but SharePoint users as well.

Versatile features are: - 

Improving Content Management in SharePoint 2013.
- Boosted social collaboration with the focus on social experience & better user interface as compared to the previous version.
- Extended mobile accessibility and can be handled by laptops, computer systems, etc.
- Improvement in web hosting features for a public website for improved brand management.
- After latest version SharePoint ease life of users as well as developers.
- Minimize the risk of data loss and unauthorized access as well.
- Accessing document online & offline – It is the major improvement in the new version that is users can access any document if they are online or offline.
- Sharing feature is more improved in SharePoint fast and ease to share is possible.

We have to follow couple of steps for migration: -

Create SharePoint 2013 Farm -

Before the actual upgradation, user will have to clear idea of all farm solutions which are installed in your current server. If any feature is missing at the time of migration then can lose your data. For that convenience, check Sandbox solution if this option is given in your farm.
- User should know about which web applications will be migrated. Take note for authentication methods: Any web application still in Classic Mode will need to be migrated to claims on SharePoint latest version 2013. 

Create a backup of complete database 

 It means user has to create a backup to all entire databases for future reference. Procedure of backup: - Firstly open the Backup Database and then click on the General Button. And check on the Copy-only Backup box. After that, you can comfortably restore your backup in the new version.     

Attach & upgrade the content DB (database) 

 Steps of database attachment: - 

Right click on the Databases & then select Attach. After that locate the database file and click on OK button to attach it.

Upgrade the site collection – 

In the website, click on Site Actions > Site Settings. Click on the Site Collection Upgrade button and then click OK for final takeoff.

We “inoday ” have an exhaustive solution for SharePoint users. For getting more information visit us at the official website. 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Microsoft Dynamic NAV for Android-Modern interface design for touch

This is the latest Microsoft application is the type of enterprise targeted or you can say it’s an enterprise resource planning application that businesses use to manage operations, finances and other work stuff. Customers can grow their business with just Microsoft Dynamics Navision Android Application.  

Dynamics NAV provides business solution, this software is easy to install and easy to use. It is very fresh and has modern user interface. It is the advanced technique to access business data and information with the help of Android Apps. It is the perfect and smart solution for: -
. Sales Field Engineer
. Service Engineer
. Decision makers, etc.

Also, helpful for all those executives who want to access Dynamics NAV from touch enabled mobile device. Gets visibility into every angle of your business using the Role Center. Tap to drill into details about your customers, vendors, inventory, or any other data from Dynamics NAV. Quickly create invoices and quotes, and email them with just a few taps.

Requires access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.
Requires Android 4.4.3 or later.
Your experience will vary depending on the Dynamics NAV server that you are connected to.

Features of Dynamics NAV for Android: -

1) Get an overview of your business in the Role Center – Role Center means provides an overview of the complete business process.
2) Tap and swipe to get to your data and drill down into details - For this you can get all information about your customers, vendors, inventory and other related information.
3) Search across all columns in a list – In which you can easily search anything from the columns list.
4) Send lists to Microsoft Excel or Office 365 – This App provides the facility to send or receive any kind of document files.
5) Rotate your device – If you are rotating your device it means focus on something.

We “inoday” provide ultimate and swift solution for Dynamics NAV Development services. For getting more info you can visit us at official website.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

NetSuite - How does it helpful in key business process?

Netsuite software is mainly used for business purposes like electronic commerce, inventory management, order management and fulfillment, financial activities, employee management and productivity and many more. With the help of this amazing utility you can easily get your business information from anytime and anywhere on cloud or online.

Assuming that you started your business but you are facing some problems like:

- Your valuable data is not safe
- More paperwork
- Mismatch facts and figures
- Problems to handling customers
- Occurs a lot of errors, etc.

In all afore cases you have to use Netsuite software because these tools has abilities to take care of all these issues. How it is helpful in business process?
Many benefits in single pack – Using Netsuite software you can conveniently rectify your inconsistent data. Apart of these, it also helps in many departments such as finance, sales, purchasing, and employee management in affordable cost.

Access from anywhere – It means if you have internet connection then you can access business information from anywhere around the World Wide Web through this users can save their time and money as well.

No requirement of software and hardware – If you want to use Netsuite software then you will not require any kind of software or hardware. You have to just install only Netsuite nothing else.

Easier your business – It is easily handling your business activities because of automated. Approximately 90% of your business work is covered by Netsuite software.

Netsuite mainly built for developing organizations. Nowadays, Netsuite is mostly used by every company. If you want to use Netsuite software services in fair price then you can visit our website.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Check out the financial management functionality in dynamic NAV’s extended pack

Microsoft Dynamic NAV is a Robust and mature ERP system, specifically designed for wholesale and manufacturing companies. NAV‘s extended pack is more suitable for those mid-sized companies that needs more functional requirements for their business. Companies who are looking for adaptive solutions, financial management functionality are the core of NAV’s extended pack.

1. Nav‘s extended pack provides functionality to set up profit center and cost center. The Company can tie users to these functionality centers so that only the sales and purchase documents related to a specific user are displayed in his center. User also gets additional data like location codes and dimensions.

2. Intercompany posting is an exclusive feature of the financial management of NAV’s extended pack, which helps to manage the accounting data for multiple companies in a single posting process. A user can easily manage several companies or different partner companies in several dynamic NAV databases. Correct reconciliation and multiple currency support are also available in the Inter company Posting feature of NAV Extended Pack.

3. Cost accounting feature of NAV extended pack offers an efficient way of controlling the company costs through visibility and insight into the budgeted and the actual costs of departments, operations, products, and projects.

4. Account schedule is a powerful financial reporting tool that can help the financials analyst and accountants to extract essential business data from account & budget charts, cash flow accounts & cost types to the financial reports, facilitating the efficient monitoring of the financial health of the business by providing valuable inputs to decision makers.

5. Cash flow overcast feature helps in knowing the company liquidity will perform over time. It has two components cash receipt and cash disbursements.

6 Fixed assets and insurance helps in keeping track of the fixed assets like buildings, machinery, and equipment. Fixed asset transaction like acquisitions, depreciation, appreciation, write-downs, and disposal can also be posted here.

Top 5 CMS Website platforms for small business

CMS stands for content management systems and it allows us to manage and control content within website. It’s very easy system and we can easily add, delete or edit text and images within site and provide unlimited number of pages.

A CMS allows you to manage your website, if you don’t have any technical, html or web design knowledge. If you have little knowledge of Microsoft word, you can easily navigate your website.

1. Wordpress

It’s a well- known CMS because of its host and self hosted option, Wordpress is free and open source so we can install it on our own host with no issues. It’s more popular as a blogging platform and extra plug-in add extra features to your website.
There’s no need of knowledge of HTML programming, you can add, delete or modify from anywhere.

2. Concrete 5

If you have a website with heavy content and lots of static pages and need to add content frequently on website then best option is Concrete 5. It’s free and open source, its best if you’re aiming for a simple CMS that enables you to edit content easily and tweak a bit of the design.

3. Joomla

Joomla website don’t look alike, a user can customize everything. Joomla is powerful because you can do almost anything with e-commerce site but then there’s are many setting and tweaking involved to get it running; hence, if your site is more than a blog that has major text content and a YouTube video, Joomla works best.

4. Drupal

Not so different from Joomla, but Drupal is secure and more flexible. It is also open source and comes with plugins while joomla has a lot paid plugins.

5. Textpattern:

A CMS that’s a cross between Concrete 5 and Drupal, it’s easy to install and use but requires many tools for customization and tweaking. If you wish to install it and add content, that can be done but if you need to create your own design or tweak, you can do so too. If you want to create your own design and you have an idea of how to code your pages then Textpattern would be ideal as it exposes the code for pages while making CMS easy to use.

Please feel free to Contact inoday, a leading open source web development company, with any Queries.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What you should choose – Native or Cross Platform application?

Are you planning to build an App or still confused about which one to choose between Native and cross platform applications .Here I am going to describe some points that will help you in choosing right application.

The first stage of getting an APP developed is mere inception of the idea that you and your business require an App. After this next step is to make a decision on the type of an app you are looking for? Here are your options:

1)      Native applications
2)      Cross-platform applications

A Native App is an application developed for one specific Mobile device furthermore is installed directly onto the device itself. To use the Native applications, users have to download them from app store, Google play store and many others. Native app can be accessed on the phone using the icons present in the home screen. They are developed particularly for one platform can make use of all features present in the device. These apps can also work offline.

On the other hand cross-platform apps are coded using HTML/CSS and java script and is used and compiled for multiple platforms. These app developed using cross-platform tools and run through multiple mobile devices.

Comparison between native and cross-platform apps

1)      Native apps provide more responsive UI especially when it comes to animations.
2)      Native apps run smoothly on all mobile devices and cross platform runs a bit slower.
3)      Native apps provide complete functionality and cross-platform restricted in functionality.
4)      Apps developed via Native tools are always welcomed by the app stores like Apple which is not the scenario in case of cross platform apps.
5)      The cost of Native app is huge.
6)      In case of Cross platform apps the financial investment is very low. Cross platform apps are very economical for small businesses.
7)      Experts mostly like Native app coding because they can easily get solutions in different forums.
8)      8 .Native apps are more secure when compared to Cross platform apps
9)      9. In case of a cross platform framework, they do not support all the features of an OS. Developers need to wait for the update
10) In case of Hybrid apps the codes are reusable. They need to right the code for once and then           reuse it in other projects too.
Please feel free to Contact inoday, one of the leading Mobile apps development Company, with any Questions.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Key Areas to improve file shares to SharePoint Migration

Do you want to move from old file shares to better solution, which happens to a SharePoint? Here I am going to describe some key points you need to think about when you migrate file shares to SharePoint, either on -prem or online. It will help you to do more analysis before migrating.

Only migrate what you need:

A migration is very good in terms of having a close look at your content and only migrating what you really need. Some content may be duplicated, not valid and still more is achieved or deposed of.
Give a little time to let people to investigate the content they are responsible for and you will draw dividends by doing so. The migrated SharePoint environment will have current, non duplicate content and people will be able to find the right information and they would not be using the out of date information.

What will your new site structure look like?

Look at how your structure your content in SharePoint. SharePoint uses site collections, sites, lists and libraries to provide a hierarchy and your migration plan must contain which content goes to which site and library.

It is likely your file shares are already stored in a hierarchy of folders and this can be used as the basis for your information architecture. However try not to use folders inside libraries- folders have one big disadvantage: a document can only be in one folder.

It’s not an easy task to move documents from one folder to another, so document tagging is a much better solution for document classifications. Users can assign one or more tags to documents.

. Content Types and Meta Data:

SharePoint uses content types to classify documents. Each Content type represents similar documents, like contracts, technical documents and so on. Individual documents have metadata as well - there are metadata values that are common for each document, like author, creation date, title, etc. Each content type can have unique metadata values too - for instance a customer document has metadata specifying customer information.

Take advantage of SharePoint Features:

Traditional file shares don’t have many fancy features- they are just a place to store documents. SharePoint has a lot of many new features.

1. SharePoint has a very powerful search engine. It works according to your organization needs and allow it to reach its full potential.

2. A lot of management documentation is stored in Excel sheets. Excel Services allows users to let SharePoint render the Excel workbooks, build reports based on the data inside, and combine multiple documents

 3. When making use of Office 365 in a cloud-only or hybrid implementation, have a look at Office Delve. It’s a new way of looking at document management. Instead of a predefined site structure, Delve shows documents based on user’s activity.

Please feel free to contact inoday, one of the Leading SharePoint development Company, with any questions!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Why to make your Business Website Mobile Friendly

Your website is the first impression to your organizations. Every day a huge number of visits your official your official site and choose to make purchases.

Nowdays , people are moving from desktops to mobile devices for games, for information, purchases, getting directions and even for work. By end of the year, the number of people who will access the internet through mobile devices will be more than those browsing from desktops.

Mobile Compatibility does not mean that your website loads on mobile. It refers to getting your website built especially for the mobile device. Why is this important? Let us explore further:

Use of mobile is increasing at an exponential rate and ease in surfing will render higher conversions.
You can easily navigate on a mobile friendly website. It will not appear condensed, cluttered, unreadable and jumbled on the mobile device. With a poor designed website you can lose your customers and revenues.

Life is lived on the fast lane today. Customers need information fast if they didn’t get, they can move to other websites also.Mobile friendly websites will help customers (scattered traffic audience) to search for you easily --- easy navigation, Faster downloads. Mobile graphic design, SEO friendly website, integrating plug-ins --- all this and more should be incorporated for an accessible mobile website of your organization. Mobile marketability brings in more new and repeat visitors to your mobile friendly website.

A good mobile friendly website will be exposed to the entire global population and will make for a pleasurable experience. You can get a higher ranking as far as search engine results are concerned because too many local searches are carried out by people. Integrate with social media platforms such as Face book, Twitter, and YouTube.

Why you need a Mobile Website:

Websites which are not designed for mobile phone will not work properly when downloaded on the mobile platform. They will load slowly and will not leave behind precisely the right kind of user experience you intend to give to your esteemed customers. Lack of knowledge about your services or information about your business organization will make customers wary of your website, not aid in building your brand value. Hence it is essential to optimize your website for mobile viewing for a positive impact on others. 

Please feel free to contact inoday, one of the Leading web and software development Company, with any questions!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Release of Microsoft Dynamic NAV 2016

The current release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, offers powerful and feature-rich applications including Finance, Sales, Marketing, Warehousing and Service. Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft DynamicNAV 2016.Nav 2016 will include the ability of work natively with Microsoft Dynamic CRM online, Azure SQL and power BI.

Key Highlights of Dynamic NAV 2016

Here are some of key highlights of dynamic NAV 2016:

  • Built in workflow engine for automating repetitive or manual tasks
  • Electronic Invoicing improvements to make it easier to do
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that will convert paper documents to NAV documents. For example, scanning in purchase orders from vendors
  • Add third party data-sources to be able to update NAV data. For example: exchange rate lookup
  • New phone client that will be able to access Dynamics NAV real-time

Microsoft has chosen Dynamics NAV as the ERP cornerstone for their cloud offerings. You can run NAV on Azure and connect it directly to Microsoft Office 365 through SharePoint for Office 365.

  • Connect to your email and documents on any device anywhere
  • Connect to your ERP on any device anywhere
  • Video conferencing built in
  • Shared calendars
  • Easy setup and management

Furthermore, rather than running the NAV SQL database on a virtual machine (VM), you can now run it on Azure SQL, a relational database-as-a-service offering that provides the following value.

  • Scalable to thousands of databases and any size required
  • Predictable performance that you can dial up or down
  • Availability backed by replicas & uptime SLA
  • Data protection via auditing, restore & geo-replication
  • Programmatic DBA-like functionality for effective development and operational support
  • Self-managed for near zero maintenance
Please feel free to contact inoday one of the Leading Dynamic NAV solutions provider Company, with any questions!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Build Cross-platform and high performance Modern Web application with ASP.Net 5

Microsoft ASP.Net is a popular web application development framework for more than a decade now. ASP.Net 5 is an open source, cross-platform and lean framework that promotes faster development and enables to build applications for the web and cloud. ASP.Net 5 is designed in a way that provide a web application development platform with better performance, full support and cross platform support for Linux  and Mac.

New features and Enhancements in ASP.Net vNext and ASP.Net 5

ASP.Net 5

 Support for cross platform and flexible run time engine:

Cross-platform is a great new feature in ASP.Net 5. Now we can run ASP.Net applications on windows, Linux and MAC.  ASP.Net  vNext can be executed on following runtime engines.

  •  Full .Net CLR: this is the default runtime engine
  •  Core CLR: this is a lean, cloud optimized and completely modular runtime
  • Cross Platform CLR: this would enable cross-platform support. When this runtime would be made available, it would provide support for developing applications for Linux and Mac OS X. 

 When you create projects in Visual Studio 2015, it would use the full .Net CLR by default.

Unified core framework:

One of the most interesting new features is the unified core framework for the development of ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net Web API, and ASP.Net web applications. There is one unified core for ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net web API and ASP.Net web applications. So there is only one controller to handle requests.

Faster development and cloud ready:

ASP.Net include faster development feature that also include in ASP.Net vNext. Now we can save changes to our source code files and refresh your browser, compilation would happen automatically. ASP.Net 5 is ready for the cloud: diagnostics, session state, cache and configuration would now work seamlessly both on premise as well as in the cloud platform.

Host agnosticism:

  • ASP.Net vNext is now host agnostic. It includes a new modular HTTP request pipeline that is optimized and can be hosted on any of the following platforms.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Open Web Interface for .Net (OWIN) based server
  • Kestrel server
  • Self-hosted in a custom process
ASP.Net vNext Templates:

To build ASP.Net vNext applications, new templates for ASP.Net 5 have been added in Visual Studio 2015. When you open the "New ASP.Net Project" dialog for C# you would observe the "ASP.Net 5 Empty" and "ASP.Net 5 Starter Web" templates added. Also, in the "New Project" dialog under "Visual C#"/Web you would see inclusion of the "ASP.Net 5 Class Library" and "ASP.Net 5 Console Application" templates.

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What’s new for developers in windows 10

With Windows 10, some of the biggest changes coming to Windows don’t even have to do with its features and functionality, but on how those are delivered. Windows is moving towards Windows-as-a-Service, and this might just have a huge impact on how software targeting Windows is developed and delivered in the future.

Windows 10 and new developer tools provide the tools, features and experiences powered by the new Universal windows platform. After installing the tools and SDK on Windows 10, you’re ready to either create a new Universal Windows app or explore how you can use your existing app code on Windows.
Windows 10 is designed to allow customers to take full advantage of the all the screens in their life.

windows 10

Adaptive layouts
Windows 10's adaptive UX allows the applications to adapt at runtime based on device capabilities and how the user is interacting with the app. To support this, the ViewStateManager has been updated to support more experiences. Developer’s no longer need to make separate application projects in Visual Studio. Instead, they only will need to make one project and it will support all surfaces.
Windows 10 also enables Cortana integration, allowing developers to integrate their applications with Microsoft's virtual assistant.

New for HTML developers
HTML developers also have lots of advances to cheer for. The new rendering engine no longer requires developers to author platform-specific work to build a consistent mobile experience. This new engine is included in Internet Explorer 11 and in the new "Project Spartan" browser. The "Project Spartan" browser is itself a Windows app available from the Windows Store.
Windows 10 also makes it easy to package your website into an app that you can publish in the Windows Store. Calling Universal APIs is now supported from JavaScript, which enables building a more engaging user experience.
New Features:
·         Application model
·         File Explorer
·         Shared Storage
·         Settings
·         Controls
·         WebView updates
·         Client-side data validation for user input
·         Windows core text APIs
·         Input updates
·         Maps
·         Devices
·         New Location method
·         AllJoyn support
·         Battery APIs
·         Support for MIDI devices
·         Custom sensor support
·         Graphics and games
·         Support for DirectX 12
·         Media
·         HTTP live streaming
·         Media Foundation Transcode Video Processor (XVP) support for Media Foundation Transforms (MFTs)
·         New Transcoding API
·         Updated MediaElement
·         Media transport controls for desktop apps
Random access JPEF encoding and decoding
·         Support for Overlays for media compositions
·         New effects framework
·         Networking
·         Socket updates
·         New APIs for Background transfer post-processing tasks
·         Bluetooth support for ads
·         Wifi Direct API upcate
·         Improvements in JSON support
·         Security
·         ECC encryption
·         System services
·         Power change notifications
·         Version Helper functions
·         Storage
·         File-search APIs for Windows Phone
·         Tools and performance
·         Property-change notifications
·         Trace logging
·         User Experience
·         List scrolling virtualization
·         Drag-and-drop capabilities between different application platforms
·         Keyboard acceleration support for keystroke navigation
·         Internet Explorer
·         Support for Edge mode (living document mode) for maximum interoperability with other modern browsers